Our ability to receive, compound, process, interact with and export all data in the known universe is a lifelong journey, made evermore urgent with the introduction of evolutionary technologies, including Data Fabrics, IoT, Blockchain, and Biometrics. Every moment we interact with IoT devices, there is new data being created that compounds our interaction further. Data begets new data. Knowledge begets new questions. The more we begin to realize and interact, the greater the data flows into our infinitely expanding databases. The Largest Proprietors of Data Caches on the planet, such as Facebook create less than .01% of their own data. The average time people spend on their phones and devices is increasing dramatically, which in turn creates endless, easily procurable data for systems to process, compound, store & distribute. Learn how IoT presents a unique opportunity to bring computable anonymized data to networks. This, in turn, fuels the global evolution and adoption of biometric technology integrating with common everyday activities that must be secured, such as: -Logging into a banking app -Secure access to web 3.0 -Blockchain integration -Geolocation validation for payments and secure voting -Access to the ever-expanding VR and AR worlds Permissionless Authentication is on the forefront of a groundbreaking revolution in the way organizations, institutions and enterprises of every scale interact with their partners, employees, users, and customers. Biometric verification and authentication provide endless opportunities to ensure ease of use and the highest levels of security in the worlds of IoT and Big Data. Speakers: Brian Maw, CEO, Finnovant Chris Benedict, North America Sales Lead, Finnovant Cody Dyer, Head Of Business Development, Governor DAO


23:00 - 00:00 hs GMT+1


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