Network flow data is a great time-saver and often enough for what you need to assure security, investigate problems, and optimize network performance. It drives operational efficiency by providing visibility into traffic and resource utilization. Flow data never gets old which is why it remains popular with IT network and security teams. Analyzing flow data is an efficient starting point to visualize overall network traffic before drilling into network packet data for investigating issues detected by firewalls, shaping policy decisions. When correlated with other data sources it deepens network and actionable intelligence. Attend this webinar to learn: • How NetFlow and IPFIX flow data compares with log and packet data and the best practices for using them • How to easily generate industry standard flow data that can be consumed by performance and security tools, and flow collectors • Tips for using flow data for threat detection, transactional analysis, troubleshooting, policy enforcement, capacity planning, and other applications


09:00 - 10:00 hs GMT+1


cPacket Networks
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