Most organizations are going through a digital transformation journey, be it a planned one ore one that was forced upon them due to circumstances. But how many organizations are making sure that this journey also includes security transformation? Most organizations use the same security tools and techniques as the ones we have been using for over a decade, but our infrastructure as well as the threats targeting them have changed and evolved. They are bringing a knife to a gun fight! End point AV? Sandboxes? Siloed threat intel feeds? Threat actors today have proven over and over they can bypass these strategies. In this session we will review how today’s threats evade security detection and what dive into specific case studies. We will also discuss the strategic security transformation (which MUST be included in any digital transformation project) as well several of the tactical, practical techniques to help detect and mitigate today’s threats. A cloud environment cannot be protected with the tools and techniques of the “on-prem” days, a cloud native environment requires a cloud native security strategy!


21:00 - 22:00 hs GMT+1


Enterprise Architecture
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