This four-day online educational event includes presentations from leading end users of radio frequency identification and Internet of Things technologies, as well as experts in deploying solutions.

While this online event doesn’t have virtual exhibits, you will be able to hear from leading solution providers.

The event starts with RFID Professional Institute Certification training and then features one track per day for three days. Click on the links below to see draft agenda for each day. We will be confirming speakers in the coming weeks, so check back regularly.

10:00 AM:Welcome and Introduction

Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

10:05 AM:Manufacturing Plant Boosts Efficiency By 2 Percent with UWB 

Automotive company Continental is leveraging precise location data, integrated systems and a digital twin of its plant in Rubi Spain, near Barcelona, with an ultra-wideband (UWB) Internet of Things (IoT) solution. The solution automatically integrates data derived from multiple systems within the plant to detect events in real time, as well as provide instructions to assembly and maintenance personnel and prevent production delays. Learn how the system utilizes UWB sensors on automatic guided vehicles to capture data that automates alerts and instructions for workers on smart wristbands based on the movements of tagged vehicles and other assets, while enabling the use of a facility's digital twin. In addition, hear how Continental is now considering expanding the technology's use to other facilities.

Speaker: Victor Canton, Industry 4.0 Project Manager, Continental

10:45AM:NFC Enables Installers to Configure HVAC Settings via Smartphone App

Thermostat controls company Cotherm is building Near Field Communication (NFC) technology into its latest products being leveraged by heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) manufacturers, so that installers can adjust the settings for radiators, as well as water or space heaters, via a mobile phone. An installer or appliance user would tap an Android- or iOS-based device against the NFC tag. If the app were installed in the phone, it would automatically be launched, but if not, the phone would display a prompt for the user to download it. Learn why the firm chose NFC technology and how the installer is able to set up the product with a simple interaction.

Speaker: Alain Maillard, Marketing Director, COTHERM   

11:15 AM:RFID Helps Automate Paper Products Manufacturing

A manufacturer of paper products is employing passive UHF RFID tags to enable the automation of its manufacturing and reel transportation processes. The system is currently in use at one of the company's facilities, where 10-foot-tall tubes made of cardboard are wound with paper and are then transported to the warehouse, as well as to converting machines, by automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Learn how the system is boosting efficiency, reducing labor costs and preventing any errors during the processing of paper products.

11:45 AM:Sponsored Session: HID

12:15 PM:Improving Efficiency and Reducing Errors With RFID

A manufacturer of glass containers is employing an RFID system at three of its factories, in order to improve efficiency by tracking products from the point of production to when the goods are loaded onto trucks destined for customers. After introducing a software-based system at all of its facilities, the firm began seeking other technology-based solutions that could tie into that warehouse-management system, in order to improve efficiency and track every pallet. After completing its installation of the RFID solution at its plants, management has been able to reduce the amount of time required for moving product, and to receive alerts in the event that errors occur.




12:35 PM

Linking RFID to PLCs to Automate Manufacturing 

RFID technology is not only about identifying and tracking items, but also about automating processes and enabling machine-to-machine communication. The Auto-ID Lab at the University of Memphis will demonstrate, in the exhibit hall, how RFID systems can be used to identify objects and automate tasks in manufacturing. In this session, the lab director will explain how manufacturers can use RFID tag reads to trigger programmable logic controllers (PLCs). He will also discuss the potential benefits and applications of linked RFID and PLCs.

Speaker: Kevin Berisso, PH.D., Director, Auto ID Lab, University of Memphis




1:15 PM

IoT Powers Smart Factory of the Future

The industrial manufacturing sector is embracing IoT technologies, and many organizations already have an ongoing smart factory initiative. The Internet of Things has the power to fundamentally reshape every aspect of product development and delivery, from the factory production line to product delivery. In this session, learn how the IoT is being used to improve operations and reduce production costs, as well as to facilitate a direct connection to suppliers, the product lifecycle, distribution and ordering systems.




1:55 PM

Closing Remarks

Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal


10:00 - 13:45 hs GMT+1


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