This four-day online educational event includes presentations from leading end users of radio frequency identification and Internet of Things technologies, as well as experts in deploying solutions.

While this online event doesn’t have virtual exhibits, you will be able to hear from leading solution providers.

The event starts with RFID Professional Institute Certification training and then features one track per day for three days. Click on the links below to see draft agenda for each day. We will be confirming speakers in the coming weeks, so check back regularly.

10:00 AM :Welcome and Introduction

Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

10:05 AM:RTLS in 2021: Where Do We Stand?

Real-time location systems (RTLS) have been adopted by a growing number of organizations in all sectors in which knowledge of the real-time location and status of mobile objects (e.g., products, people and assets) is important. During the last decade, IoT-enabled RTLS solutions have evolved, and now there are too many options on the market, making it difficult for managers to select the right RTLS for their needs. In this session, the presenter will draw an actualized portrait of RTLS technologies in 2021 and point out the key question that managers need to ask before selecting an RTLS solution.

Speaker: Ygal Bendavid, PH. D., Professor, UQAM

10:45AM:Nutrien Tracks Worker Safety With Wearable Sensors

Global fertilizer company Nutrien has deployed a wireless safety solution that includes a wearable sensor that operates on a proprietary 900 MHz RF badge worn by all workers. The firm employees contract workers during periodic scheduled breaks in production for maintenance services known as turnarounds. All of the contractors are there only for a short time, yet they face the same health challenges as other workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how Nutrien is successfully managing turnarounds at nitrogen and potash sites via the active RF solution that monitors social distancing and provides contact tracing for 1,500 or more contract workers temporarily onsite.

Speaker: Gary Peterson, IT Director, Nitrates and Phosphates, Nutrien

11:15 AM:IoT Improves Visibility For Oil and Gas Companies

Oil and gas solutions company Flogistix has deployed a solution that provides sensor data on a 3D digital twin, with which mechanics can explore the conditions and operation of compressors or other equipment digitally, as well as provide remote remediation. The firm has been using an IoT-based solution for approximately five years that provides the firm with a view into the conditions of each of its vapor-recovery units (VRUs) and compressors wherever they may be deployed. The cloud-based system enables Flogistix and its maintenance personnel to view each asset's conditions based on sensor data provided in a digital twin. With the new technology, Flogistix can now view a greater amount of sensor information, including the direction of flow through each compressor. Learn how 3D digital-twin technology provides greater visual access to the conditions in and around each asset and enables Flogistix to identify and prevent problems before they can occur.

Speaker: Jerred Wilson, CTO, Flogistix

11:45 AM:RFID in the Supply Chain: Data Quality

There are many different ways to implement RFID in the supply chain for case and pallet level item data capture (conveyors, dock doors, pack stations, etc.).  Learn how several retailers and brands are developing techniques to understand and optimize data quality from the RFID capture systems, so the data can be trusted for various use cases.

Speaker: Justin Patton, Director, RFID Lab, Auburn University

12:15 PM:RFID Cracks the Nut for Efficiency, Visibility

California nut product manufacturer American Nuts, one of the largest nut processors in North America, has deployed an RFID system to boost its inventory visibility and tracking capability, as well as its production and shipping of finished goods at its two manufacturing sites. The firm is using the system to track the receipt of raw nuts, seeds and dried fruit through storage, the production of snack mixes and other products, quality assurance and shipping. Learn how RFID has improved on-hand inventory visibility and is also providing better management of production, procurement, quality assurance and recalls.

Speaker: Nate Willits, Chief Financial Officer, American Nuts

12:45 PM:Developing an RFID Strategy to Improve Tracking and Visibility

RFID technology can deliver a wide variety of significant benefits to manufacturers in many different areas, but without coherent strategies, companies often wind up deploying the technology piecemeal, only to find that it fails to meet their longer-term needs. Jim Morgan has successfully led more than 15 enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations while leading the efforts at an aerospace and defense company.  In this session he will explain how to deliver and oversee the deployment of RFID projects on time, on budget and in scope.

Speaker: Jim Morgan, Director/IT Manager (RET), ATK

1:15 PM:AIM Panel: Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Traceability Systems

Blockchain enables companies to record every event or transaction within a supply chain. This information then can be shared in a secure, transparent, and efficient manner. So, what is implementing a blockchain system like? AIM has put together an expert panel that can answer that by sharing their experiences and challenges in utilizing blockchain applications with AIDC technologies, such as IoT and RFID; and how it improved the traceability and reliability of information

Moderator: Julie McGill, VP Supply Chain Strategy & Insights, FoodLogiQ, Panelists: Raghu Bala, CEO, NetObjex, Tony Fonk, CEO, SpotSee

1:55 PM:Closing Remarks

Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal


10:00 - 13:45 hs GMT+1


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