Explore the next generation of product engineering technologies
Formula 1 is the highest class of racing and the most technologically advanced sport in the world. It pushes the boundaries of innovation to gain that competitive speed, performance, precision and control. Since 2005 Red Bull Racing has selected Siemens as their technology partner for engineering, manufacturing and digitalisation.
This exclusive event showcases the Siemens Product Engineering technology behind Red Bull Racing’s winning success and how it has removed barriers to innovation to become one on the most successful teams in the past 10 years. Like Formula 1, Siemens is also one of the most technology advanced in the world. With our customers, we are pushing the boundaries of product engineering technology and setting out to win together. 
In this webinar we will cover:
-Digitalisation – When business and competition does not wait
-Next Generation Product Engineering – Plan, design, simulate and build everything digitally
-Additive Manufacturing – Is your business ready?
-Product Data Quality – The true cost
Red Bull Racing will discuss how this works in the real world and give insight in to how they manage to keep up with change in the fast-moving world of F1. This insight will continue as they provide an exclusive virtual tour of their factory as they prepare for the 2021 season to start.
Removing the Barriers to Innovation
Regardless of the industry you are in, the pace of innovation has never been greater. In the Automotive industry, electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving, and lightweight construction are changing vehicles and the way that people interact with them. At the same time, an uncertain economic environment drives a need for increased productivity as manufacturers are forced to do more work with less resources. However, current design tools are disconnected and disjointed. This adds extra time and cost to the design process and increases the chances for errors and quality issues.
Gain insight from Red Bull Racing on how they keep pace with the demands of change in F1 using Digitalisation
Siemens are helping Red Bull Racing stay competitive by providing technology that:
-Is the most productive modelling environment
-Enables new ways of manufacturing
-Incorporates the electromechanical design as a whole
-Aids collaboration across design, manufacturing and management
About the speaker
Kevin Williams Portfolio Development - Product Engineering, Siemens


15:00 - 16:00 hs GMT+1


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