With organizations rapidly adopting mobile technology in nearly all business functions, mobile devices are not only storing critical data but also connecting to corporate networks to access internal assets, data and apps. This adoption is increasing the risk of: - Data exposure and exfiltration through unauthorized access - Attacks that penetrate organizations' internal networks via vulnerabilities & misconfigurations on Android & iOS devices. Traditional vulnerability management tools fail to provide security in this environment because they lack visibility off the network, i.e. to mobile devices. While a Mobile Device Management (MDM) approach provides ‘policy-based prevention’, it does not assess the latest vulnerabilities or correlate vulnerabilities to mobile app updates. In this webinar, we'll show how Qualys VMDR for Mobile Devices expands the FedRAMP-authorized Qualys Cloud Platform to provide security teams a single console to secure all Android, iOS and iPadOS devices across the enterprise. Mobile security experts will demonstrate: - Comprehensive visibility of mobile devices connecting inside your network, with critical data points such as device type, OS version, installed apps, EOL status, device location, CA certificates, and more - Continuous assessment of device, OS, app, and network vulnerabilities using the industry's most comprehensive signature database and automated correlation of vulnerabilities to app updates - Expansion of your vulnerability management program with continuous monitoring of critical mobile device configurations based on NSA guidelines. - Remote ‘over-the-air' actions such as locking the device, changing its passcode, de-enrolling the device or uninstalling risky apps, along with seamless patch orchestration to deploy the latest app versions from Google App store.


19:00 - 20:00 hs GMT+1


Qualys - NA
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