Now more than ever, the cloud movement presents an opportunity to accelerate digital strategy for optimization. According to Mckinsey & Company, cloud computing with its complexity represents a “collective-action” problem. It requires coordinated efforts to be orchestrated coming from the direction of higher management. Cloud converting takes strategic measures such as funding, new operational models and searching for talent to conduct cloud operations. There are benefits to this migration such as lowering operating costs and integration of automated operations; but most importantly is estimating the costs especially when blending services for hybrid solutions. This pandemic reinforces how essential the cloud is to enable tools and services towards the migration of remote work. According to trends, cloud migration has become the main facilitator for enterprises to connect and continue their operations digitally. Initially, speed and customer service became the priority over cost and efficiency to stay afloat. For business recovery, facing its new challenge of cloud progression is by transitioning into a hybrid cloud configuration. Complex cloud systems are beneficial to large corporations to lower their hosting costs, faster speed of digital infrastructure, better reliability and security. Initially, companies invest in sophisticated platforms to build operating systems to meet their specific needs of running applications. Their goal is to learn how to apply progressive cloud applications to their adjusted strategies to get results for efficient operations. This webinar will discuss: What are the benefits of migration to the full utilization of hybrid cloud operations? What are the myths and trends of hybrid cloud transitioning? A deep analysis of strategic measures of hybrid cloud management. What are the top companies providing tools that are leading in the sophisticated cloud movement?


22:00 - 23:00 hs GMT+1


Enterprise Architecture
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