Assistant Professor Dr. Corina Klug and EDAG talk about pedestrian safety systems development.
Pedestrian safety systems have drastically improved in recent years, with 36% fewer pedestrian fatalities in the EU between 2007 and 2016. These figures can be attributed to the improved quality of the guidelines outlined by Euro NCAP.
Assistant Professor Corina Klug of TU Graz has been instrumental in creating the Euro NCAP TB013 and TB024 technical bulletins and has dedicated her work to improve Pedestrian Safety Systems. In this webinar, she will talk about these bulletins and share her thoughts on Pedestrian Safety systems.
EDAG has been an early adopter of the Simcenter Madymo TB024 Pedestrian model. They will share their experiences and will provide insight on how testing with the pedestrian model family fits into the Euro NCAP validation process.
Improve the development of your active bonnet
In order to develop your active bonnet/hood and pass a Euro NCAP assessment, you must be able to deliver test results. Executing these virtual tests requires pedestrian impact tests using pedestrian models.
The technical bulletin TB024 was introduced to ensure that both the safety system developer and Euro NCAP check the cars’ safety performance using the same parameters. This bulletin outlines the required setup and models that can be used to complete the pedestrian impact test with an active bonnet. If these guidelines are not met during the assessment, pedestrian impact tests will still be conducted. However, the active bonnet system will be turned off, significantly impeding the pedestrian safety systems.
TB024 Pedestrian Safety Systems and Simcenter Madymo Pedestrian Models
To optimize the pedestrian impact tests and help safety simulation engineers in the assessment process, Siemens has introduced the Simcenter Madymo TB024 pedestrian model family. This human model family additionally provides the engineer with all the required output necessary to complete the Euro NCAP active bonnet assessment.
In this webinar about Pedestrian Safety Systems you will learn:
- Relevant legislation around TB024 and the importance of this bulletin
- Insights into pedestrian safety systems and how these are used
- Efficient ways of using the Simcenter Madymo TB024 Pedestrian Model family


11:00 - 12:00 hs GMT+1


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