Ofika: How Subscription Printing is the New Revolution of Subscription Services

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Ofika: How Subscription Printing is the New Revolution of Subscription Services

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MANCHESTER, England, December 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

A subscription-based service is a system of billing consumers on a time-determined basis in return for specific products or services. Such a system allows businesses to provide flexible, customisable services to meet particular customer demands and is becoming increasingly popular as client's desire alternatives to traditional one-off purchases. This trend is impacting a whole range of businesses, and many will be familiar with such delights as Netflix offering film services, Spotify offering a digital music service and Amazon Prime for online shopping and home deliveries, all of which are key players in the Subscription Economy. Now, though, there is another dynamic key player- Ofika for subscription print services.

Benefits of Ofika Subscription Printing  

Through Ofika Subscription Print Services and Subscription Printing it is simple to access fully automated desktop printing, allowing the user to monitor their network of printers and print volume. Each business is different, with diverse ever-changing needs. Ofika avoid the one-size-fits all model and offer a flexible service which matches the user's specific requirements. This allows Ofika to focus on developing strong business relationships wherein, tailoring and pricing their services appropriately and aligning their results to the user's specific business objectives. Concerns around desktop print resources are resolved instantly, even if those requirements change, as Ofika provides the flexibility business owners or IT Managers need to scale printing up or down.

Ofika Group Ltd provides modern Subscription Printing and Subscription Print Services. They also offer use of hardware with every business subscription. Ofika Subscription printing and Subscription Print Services can help cut the costs of printing and reduce overall operating costs, leaving more money to invest in other business areas.

Contact: Chris Brown, Marketing Director at OFIKA GROUP LTD, c.brown@ofika.com


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