MEMOHI's MEMOBOX "UFO" lands on Earth, Opening Up a New Chapter in Smart Home TV Entertainment

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MEMOHI's MEMOBOX "UFO" lands on Earth, Opening Up a New Chapter in Smart Home TV Entertainment

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Unbox a New Vision

HONG KONG, Sept. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- MEMOHI is set to launch its breakthrough smart home TV entertainment device MEMOBOX "UFO" worldwide on September 27, 2016, integrating entertainment, interaction and innovation for the first time.

To "Unbox a New Vision", the device provides users a fresh take on design, software and the way content is presented.

MEMOBOX UFO adapts to major TV devices and internet hardware in Europe and the United States and enables viewers to easily switch between online and televised content. It also enhances resolution, fluency and compatibility so that users can enjoy new media content quality on the big screen.

MEMOHI has embedded its self-developed Android-based software system into UFO, and by applying a completely new design frame, this software system is able to integrate various kinds of online information, allowing users to choose the shows they prefer.

"MEMOHI upholds the ideal of being 'Motivated, Efficient, Modest and Open-minded', said Frodo Rao, the company's founder. "MEMOBOX UFO, as our very first self-developed product, is a typical representation of these core values."

Rao continued, "The home internet experience across the world is undergoing something of an upgrade as TVs and similar devices are becoming more 'intelligent'. We found our consumers' views on traditional "TV watching" are now changing; they now expect companies to use more initiative and they want to obtain a substantial amount of new media online via streaming."

"UFO is designed as a bridge connecting traditional TV programs and new media, and therefore meets such needs."

In the wake of the UFO launch, MEMOHI will keep exploring customer needs in the context of developing optimized products accordingly, with the ultimate aim of providing a wide range of bigger screen experiences to all viewers through outstanding products and constant upgrading of high-tech home entertainment services.


Established in 2014, MEMOHI is an internet technology company focusing its core R&D on smart device, live streaming and interactive content development for big screens. For more information, please visit or follow MEMOHI on Facebook at:

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