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Swedish startup uses SoftLayer to globalize and comply with data protection laws

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Actualizado el 6 de noviembre, 2015 - 17.16hs.

Hardly a day passes without hearing about a cyber attack or security breach. The problem is that most security technology—especially application security technology—isn’t keeping up with mobile workforces, device variations and sophisticated hackers.

Fredrik Beckman, CEO of Sweden-based startup Apptimate AB, doesn’t beat around the bush on the subject. “The security technology of today is medieval. Data is distributed all over the place and it’s up for grabs by pirates and thieves.”

A person of action, Beckman did something about it—building a development and delivery platform for mobile communication and positioning that provides secure, point-to-multipoint communication between users, apps, devices and “things” outside firewalls. It’s a potentially revolutionary approach to security design. Because it’s hosted on a virtual server infrastructure on SoftLayer cloud technology, Beckman can one day bring it the world.

This wasn’t always the case. Initially, the platform was hosted by a different cloud services provider which was ultimately problematic for Beckman.

“There are legal challenges,” he explains. “In the European Union, if you want to work in security or with government, you’re required by law to host data here, and sometimes within a specific country’s border.”

As it turns out, his original cloud provider lacked a global network of data centers, which not only made it difficult to comply with various data protection laws but also restricted the startup’s ability to work across industry sectors and expand into new geographies.

“That’s the beauty of SoftLayer,” says Beckman. “We can decide case by case where we want to host our system and guarantee our clients that their data lies within country borders.”

In March 2015, Apptimate was accepted into the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups and is using its cloud credits to further develop the platform. More perks that come with the program include superior technical service, marketing support and access to IBM’s network of researchers and industry experts.

Beckman doesn’t hide his enthusiasm about the move to SoftLayer. “The attention we get from the SoftLayer and IBM teams in Sweden is tremendous. They’re five-star guys. But the most important thing is the connections we get with IBM, here locally. No other cloud provider can give us this. I’m very, very pro IBM, pro SoftLayer.”

So next time you need some app security, just remember: there’s a platform for that.

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