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Verizon Wireless Helps First Responders Prepare for Crisis at Urban Shield 2011

Wireless Technology Helps Responders Track SWAT, Drones and K9s, as well as monitor live video streams

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Actualizado el 14 de octubre, 2011 - 22.16hs.

Verizon Wireless will roll out the latest wireless gear and services for high-speed video streaming, SWAT-team vehicle tracking and BlueForce situational awareness info delivery to Alameda County Urban Shield 2011, a Homeland Security training exercise, Oct. 14 - 17. The wireless technology will be used in scenarios that demonstrate its powerful capabilities to support public safety solutions using the company's Long Term Evolution (LTE) network. Más abajo el resto del comunicado en inglés.

Urban Shield has received national and international recognition as a valuable tactical training exercise and platform to test the newest life saving technology for first responders. It's designed to strengthen each agency's preparedness to respond to threats and domestic terrorist attacks, major disasters, and other emergencies.

Verizon Wireless will integrate wireless technology into the Urban Shield Command structure and scenarios including:

XORA, a field-force management application to track SWAT vans
LiveCast live video streaming to monitor multiple sources (IP cams, phones, laptops, web cams, etc.) complete with real-time location tracking of all streams
Blue Force: Hand launched video equipped Drone, K9 tracker solution with wireless sensors and video, and facial recognition equipment
FuzeBox, a solution for video conferencing and data sharing on tablets between Mobile Command Centers and local "crisis-simulation" sites

Verizon Wireless prepares year-round for natural disasters and other emergencies to provide customers with reliable wireless coverage. The company's commitment to network reliability, business continuity and disaster preparedness has proven critical during and after past earthquakes and other disasters.


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