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Agent performance optimization helps businesses focus on customer retention

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Actualizado el 6 de octubre, 2011 - 06.11hs.

The increasing adoption of workforce management (WFM) and quality management (QM) software is prompting a 2017 forecast value of nearly $1.3 billion for the agent performance optimization market. According to a new report available on the contact center market continued to invest in APO technologies despite the economic downturn, attributed to the enhanced value offered by these systems. Más abajo el resto del comunicado de prensa en inglés.

In the last ten years, APO (agent performance optimization) has seen a shift in organizational perception, experienced considerable technological development and added value to its proposition.

APO systems are deployed in call and contact center environments, although vendors are seeking applications outside of this market. Rapid ROI and high levels of added-value are responsible for maintaining the agent performance optimization market throughout the difficult trading times of the recession.

Key factors contributing to robust APO market growth have included the development and integration of performance management technologies and speech analytics which can extract further customer insight.

The largest agent performance optimization market is the US, and the fastest growing region is Asia-Pacific, at 10% CAGR over the reporting period. Incidentally, the US is responsible for around 70% of the offshore outsourcing market in Asia-Pacific (including China, India, Philippines, Malaysia and Australia) and will therefore remain a key APO market.

Competition is rife within the APO and workforce optimization industry (WFO), therefore participants must constantly innovate to remain competitive. Mergers, acquisitions and collaborations are commonplace, such as Verint Systems' acquisition of Iontas, Interactive Intelligence's takeovers of Latitude Software and Acrosoft, as well as Nexidia's partnership with Semafone.

Within the APO research report are profiles of a number of key industry players, including: Autonomy Corporation PLC, Calabrio, Inc., ClickFox, Inc., Envision Telephony, Inc., GMT Corporation, Interactive Intelligence, Inc., Merced Systems, Inc., NICE Systems Ltd, Verint Systems Inc. and UTOPY, Inc.

The 482 page August 2011 publication studies the agent performance optimization market from 2003-2017, covering the US, Canada, Europe, Germany, UK, Rest of Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Agent Performance Optimization (APO): A Global Strategic Business Report (apo)-a-global-strategic-business-report-693042.asp?prk=7c4ed5b510c1ffe12b50d9829eddaba2


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